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Not your average own brand! Specsavers easyvision lenses are manufactured for us by Ciba Vision, CooperVision and Sauflon to the same exacting specification and performance standards as their branded products - we just sell them in our own boxes at lower prices! They all combine clear vision with great comfort and are all available to buy online or in-store at great Specsavers value for money prices


The same as Ciba Vision’s AirOptix®Night and Day® Aqua, Easyvision Aquayes monthly disposable contact lenses combine oxygen and moisture to contribute to...
Price $33.25 Plus Shipping
Specsavers Clarision Sphere is manufactured for Specsavers and is exactly the same lens as CooperVision’s new and upgraded Biomedics 1 Day Extra.

Price $19.95 Plus Shipping
Specsavers easyvision Clarision Toric contact lenses share the same unique design as CooperVision BioMedics 1 Day Torics so you can really enjoy the freedom of...
Price $35.00 Plus Shipping

The easyvision Irisian Multifocal contact lens with Precision Profile is designed to deliver crisp, clear vision at all distances for those with presbyopia...

Price $44.65 Plus Shipping
Also sold as: Air Optix Aqua Multifocal See Clinical equivalents
The same as Ciba Vision's Air Optix Aqua, Specsavers easyvision Irisian Sphere monthly disposable contact lenses give up to 5 times greater oxygen...
Price $27.55 Plus Shipping
Also sold as: Air Optix Aqua See Clinical equivalents
Designed for precision balance and to minimise movement on the eye, Specsavers easyvision Irisian Toric is the same as the Ciba Vision silicon hydrogel Air...
Price $45.60 Plus Shipping
Also sold as: Air Optix for Astigmatism See Clinical equivalents
Specsavers easyvision Lacrima monthly replacement contact lenses are manufactured by Sauflon Pharmaceuticals exclusively for Specsavers.

Price $31.00 Plus Shipping
The easyvision Lacrima multifocal allows us to prescribe a healthy contact lens choice without compromising on visual requirements.
Price $50.00 Plus Shipping