2 Pairs Multifocals from $299

The way you buy glasses is about to change forever. Not only are our glasses all terrific value; at Specsavers you can always get two pairs for one low price.

Simply choose two complete glasses from our fashionable $149 range or above, which includes frames and single vision lenses, and you can have two complete pairs of glasses for one low price. But that's not all. If you choose standard multifocal lenses priced from an additional $150 in your first pair of glasses, you can have standard multifocal lenses in your second pair too. So, from just $299, you can have two pairs of multifocal glasses!

Single vision glasses
2 pairs from $149

Designer single vision glasses
2 pairs from $199

Multifocal glasses
2 pairs from $299

Designer multifocal glasses
2 pairs from $349

Terms and conditions

Two pairs from one low price applies to purchases from the $149 frame range or above. Second pair must be from the same price range of frames and lens range or below. Must be same prescription. Extra options not included. Price for other lens types may differ - see Clear Price leaflets in your local Specsavers store for details.