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Clinical equivalents

Some contact lens manufacturers produce the same lenses for different retailers but under different names and (sometimes) at different prices. Clinically the products are exactly the same and can be purchased using your existing contact lens prescription.

Throughout this website we have highlighted where such ‘clinical equivalents’ exist, giving you the choice of which version of the lens to purchase. Where there is a Specsavers easyvision clinical equivalent of the manufacturer branded lenses, you will find the Specsavers easyvision product will be at lower cost.

If you have any queries or concerns, at Specsavers we offer free contact lens consultation and trial our stores.


Manufacturer Modality BRANDED NAME easyvision Name
CooperVision Daily
Proclear 1 day $28.50

easyvision VUSION DAILY $26.00
CibaVision Daily
Focus Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus $28.00

easyvision VITREA $26.00
CibaVision Daily
Focus Dailies All Day Comfort $22.00
easyvision OPSYS $20.90
CooperVision Daily Toric
Biomedics 1 Day Toric $55.00*
easyvision CLARISION TORIC $35.00
CibaVision Monthly
Air Optix Aqua $29.50
easyvision IRISIAN SPHERE $28.00
CooperVision Monthly
Biofinity $35.00
easyvision OPTEYES $33.25
CooperVision Monthly
Proclear Compatibles $21.00
easyvision VUSION $19.00
CooperVision Monthly Toric
Biofinity Toric $59.50*
easyvision OPTEYES TORIC $51.00
CibaVision Monthly Toric
Air Optix for Astigmatism $48.00
easyvision IRISIAN TORIC $45.60