As a parent, you can spend so much time worrying about your child's health that you forget about your own. We believe it's important that you have regular eye exams. Of course, some eye problems run in the family, so identifying any problems you may have will also benefit your children. So next time you make an appointment for your son or daughter, why not book a time for yourself as well.

Childproof glasses

Glasses aren't toys - but kids don't know that! They seem to like nothing better than grab your glasses off your face, or play with them when they find them lying around the house. No problem. You can wear glasses with flexible frames, which retain their shape even after being bent and twisted, and choose scratch resistant lenses.

Contact lenses

Practical and now affordable, contact lenses are ideal for those with busy lives. Modern lenses are comfortable and easy to look after. The Specsavers range has lenses to suit all lifestyles. Find out more by clicking on the contact lenses.

During pregnancy

Congratulations. We're sure this is a very exciting time for you, especially if it's your first child. Of course, your body goes through many changes during pregnancy. But you might be surprised to know your eyes can be affected too. The good news is, most mums find their vision returns to normal soon after delivery.

Potential vision problems

Vision can become slightly impaired due to the fluctuations in hormone levels. Mums-to-be can also experience dry eyes, blurred or distorted vision, spots and floaters (small clusters of cells which break off from the inside wall of the eye and float in the gel which fills the eye).

What should you do?

Don't worry if you experience any of these problems. The chances are they developed naturally and will disappear in the same way after childbirth. But it's always important to visit your optiometrist or doctor if you do have any problems, just in case it's a symptom of something other than hormonal changes.