Taking care of your hearing aids


How to insert your hearing aids

There are slightly different techniques for inserting your hearing aids depending on the style chosen. Your Specsavers audiology professional will have shown you this in store and with experience you will soon find it second nature.

Quick tips to get you started:

  • Your hearing aids will have a coloured tab printed on them to show which ear they are for – red for your right ear and blue for your left ear.
  • Listen out for feedback or a whistling noise, this could be a sign your hearing aids are not inserted properly.
  • If your hearing aids are inserted properly but you can still hear feedback, or are experiencing discomfort, please contact your Specsavers audiology professional.

Changing your hearing aid batteries

You will need to change your hearing aid batteries regularly – most hearing aids will beep when the batteries are running low. Your Specsavers audiology professional will show you how to change the batteries. The process is quite simple but will take some practice. It is recommended to have spare batteries handy, and remember to turn off your hearing aids when you take them out of your ears, as this will help extend the life of the batteries.

Cleaning and maintaining your hearing aids

Your hearing aids will benefit from regular cleaning. Your Specsavers audiology professional will show you how to clean your hearing aids, but there are a few simple rules to remember, so make sure you’re comfortable with them. If you have any questions about cleaning your hearing aids, your Specsavers audiology professional is always available to explain it to you.

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