What to expect from our hearing services

What if I need hearing aids?

  1. A solution to meet your needs
    If you need to wear hearing aids, our qualified audiology professional will explain the range of aids that are suitable for you.
  2. Moulding your ear canal
    They may also take moulds of your ear canals, so that your new aids fit properly. This takes five minutes and is completely painless.
  3. Fitting your hearing aids
    It can take up to two weeks for your hearing aids to be made and your fitting appointment will take about 45 minutes. At your fitting appointment, we will show you everything you need to know about your new hearing aids and answer any questions you or your family may have.
  4. Follow up
    Once fitted, a follow-up appointment will be booked within four weeks to check that you are completely happy with your purchase and make any necessary adjustments to your hearing aids.
  5. Annual check
    We also recommend an annual checkup where we reassess your hearing and make any necessary changes to your hearing aids.

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