Men's Glasses

Men's Glasses

Finding the right glasses for you

Whether you’re reverting to a retro look or want to try on the latest modern designs, we have frames that will fit your style. Our collection of men’s glasses includes a range of styles from classic shapes to unconventional textures.


All glasses come with single vision lenses and a scratch-resistant treatment.



Danny - $149

Deep, rectangular in shape, this plastic frame is a perfect mix of fashion and function. It comes in two colours, black and tortoiseshell. The black one is best if you have darker hair, or blue eyes; the tortoiseshell will suit lighter coloured hair, brown eyes or darker complexions. Ref: 25634297.

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Tommy Hilfiger 62

Tommy Hilfiger 62 - $299

This deep, black plastic Tommy Hilfiger frame has been inspired by the shapes of days gone by, yet the striped sides give it a thoroughly modern and fashionable appeal. Neat pins on the corners of the front will emphasise the eye line and flatter the face. Ref: 25635430.

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Looking your best

Looking your best

Choosing the right pair of glasses is just like choosing clothes – everyone has certain styles that are more flattering than others. It’s important that your frames complement your style and face shape. Take a few minutes to find out what suits you by visiting the
style advice section for useful pointers. Remember, our in store experts are on hand in your local store to help you find the perfect frame.

Boss Orange 0036 - $249

Boss Orange 0036 - $249

A highly popular geek chic style with a modern twist. The triple-layered acetate adds ivory and blue layers to the black front. They also feature the distinctive vintage keyhole bridge. Ref code: 25635669.

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Men's Designer Brands

Designer Brands

Love designer brands? Our range of designer glasses includes the latest styles from some of the most fashionable names around: BOSS Orange, French Connection, Osiris, Quiksilver, Jeff Banks 
and Tommy Hilfiger.


Frames suitable for multifocal lenses

Most frames are suitable for single vision, bifocal or multifocal lenses, however there are a few exceptions. If you know the lens type you need, you can filter your search at the top of the glasses catalogue page. You can filter your search by hovering over the headings at the top of page, clicking on the desired category and then selecting the relevant tick boxes that apply to your search. Ref: 25636253.

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