At Specsavers, we care about our customers getting the right hearing aids at a great price, and we care about our customers knowing exactly what they’re going to pay before they start their journey towards better hearing. That’s why our every day low prices are available right here or available in our stores that offer Audiology.

Some hearing care providers may tell you that the cost of hearing aids can only be determined in an appointment. They really shouldn’t because it simply isn’t true.

Hearing aids shouldn’t have hidden prices.

You may also be told that our hearing aids are at a lower price because we are different and the reality is, we are, and we think that’s good for all Australians. Our hearing aids are great value because, at Specsavers, we have an almost 40 year history of putting the customer first, not the bottom line.

Our fully accredited and qualified audiology professionals give our customers the ongoing care and advice you’d expect. They offer choice from a range of hearing aids made by the same manufacturers you’ll find elsewhere, along with a no fuss satisfaction guarantee on every purchase. Because as experts in hearing care, we know it takes time to get used to the sounds your new hearing aids bring back to life.

So Australia, demand more. Demand to know what you’re going to pay upfront for your journey to better hearing. Being able to shop around could save you or a loved one thousands of dollars.

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