Specsavers Wynnum West are proud to provide quality eye care for all locals, which includes access to bulk-billed eye tests with our expert optometrists. The Specsavers’ Wynnum West team are professionally trained and qualified with a deep passion for eye health and the local community.

Local Specsavers Wynnum West Optometrist Brian Kim says,

“We want to support a customer’s health journey at every step of the way and better the health of those in the community through offering expert advice. Our trained staff are equally concerned with diagnosing, treating and the aftercare experience of our customers, making it a true health partnership. We don’t want people in Wynnum to miss out on seeing all the best parts of life!”

Specsavers includes an advanced OCT 3D eye scan as part of every eye test – hospital-grade technology that allows optometrists to detect eye conditions earlier. Early detection of most eye conditions can prevent vision loss and blindness and for most people it's advisable to have an eye test every two years. The Specsavers Wynnum West team encourages anyone in the community who may be struggling with their eye health to come in and speak with us to find the best solution for you.

Common eye questions

How do I know if I need an eye test?

Whether you are having trouble driving, are experiencing blurred or changing vision, have headaches or eye pain, or require an ongoing assessment and management for a progressive eye disorder, it’s important that you get your eyes checked. If you are aware of a relative with eye disease such as glaucoma or macular degeneration, it is also important to attend for regular checks.

How often should I get an eye test?

For most people, it’s advisable to have an eye test every two years, but it's best to attend earlier if any eye problems occur or if advised by your optometrist. For Australians 65 and older, it is advised eyes are tested annually.

Are eye tests bulk billed?

Yes, here at Specsavers Wynnum West, your eye health test will be bulk billed and free of charge for medicare card holders.

How long does an eye test take?

It varies based on your eyecare needs, but usually around 20 minutes. Your optometrist will determine what clinical tests are needed to provide the correct information for new spectacles or contact lenses; and perform an ocular health assessment.

Specsavers Wynnum West is open 7 days a week.

Book an appointment online or call us on (07) 3348 2043 for more information.

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