Following the introduction of a new Specsavers uniform, Specsavers staff across Australia and New Zealand are supporting their local communities by paying for their old uniforms to be recycled and turned into something useful by a charity that empowers at-risk youth.

Charitable organisation, Kids off the Kerb offers projects using environmental and recycling platforms to create sustainable education, training and employment opportunities for disadvantaged and at-risk young people.

Through this project, old Specsavers uniforms are shredded and reused as filler for punching bags which have been sold to raise further money for Kids off the Kerb.

They have also been donated to further not-for-profit organisations such as Naenae Boxing Academy in Wellington, New Zealand which works to help young people reach adulthood with the motivation, values, skills and knowledge to reach their potential. Naenae Boxing Academy gives at-risk youth the opportunity to work on their attitude, self-control, motivation, respect, understanding their body and the importance of nutrition.

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