Hipster Swedish fashion label Cheap Monday, has put its unique urban stamp on the world of glasses, with an exclusive partnership with Specsavers.

The Scandinavian brand, renowned for its skull logo and statement jeans, has created an eyewear collection that features
12 edgy styles of glasses. Cheap Monday’s ethos of being affordable, bold and progressive is epitomised in the collection. Using a range of colours, styles and materials it features innovative designs for men and women.

Specsavers style ambassador, Pip Edwards, says Specsavers is offering a fashion forward and affordable range for its younger audience.

“Cheap Monday has a specially designed ‘crude’ finish, symbolic of worn denim jeans, with a rough, raw look and feel. This new range, exclusive to Specsavers, is a continuation of this Cheap Monday style,” Pip said.

“Cheap Monday is for people who see things differently. From its underground roots in the early noughties, the Scandinavian jeans and fashion brand turned the denim world upside-down, and now its new eyewear range looks set to do the same.

“Cheap Monday specs are perfect for those who want to freshen up their look and stand out from the crowd! Specs should reflect a person’s personality just as much as their outfit, make up or hairstyle would,” Pip continued.


Pip showcasing Cheap-Monday

Helge Flo, designer of Cheap Monday Eyewear says: ‘We think of eyewear like we think of jeans, as a fashion necessity. Our customers want to change and mix up their glasses looks as often as they do their clothing style and this range offers them the opportunity to do just that. Fashion accessories should be fun and specs are no different.’


The unique designs reflect the innovation of the brand with style options such as camo-feel tortoiseshell, sky blue layering, rich metallics and sunset orange pops of colour. Each style is finished with a silver skull logo on the sides and the hidden inscription: ‘Open your third eye.’

Cheap Monday frames are priced at AU$199 for 2 pairs and are available in Australia exclusively at Specsavers. Every frame includes single vision lenses, a scratch-resistant treatment and a bespoke case and cleaning cloth as standard.

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