On a global scale, the type of media we consume has changed and more than half of the world’s population now carries a portable digital device. With most Australian lifestyles changing even more rapidly due to the impact on COVID-19, Specsavers optometrists are warning we’re spending more time staring at screens, switching between different devices and making our eyes work harder than ever.

Everyone is spending more time on screens at the moment, using computers and smart phones constantly for work and pleasure. We tend to go from remote working or studying to a Zoom hangout with friends or family, to a marathon session of Netflix, meaning our overall time spent in front of a screen could be as much as 10 or more hours a day.

Our eyes just aren’t meant to be fixed on a single object that long and it’s likely to have a negative effect on our eye health and cause visual problems such as digital eye strain.

Digital eye strain can cause dry or irritated eyes, lead to blurred vision, difficulty focusing, sensitivity to light, eye fatigue, headaches and difficulty reading small print.

There are some really simple things you can do to combat the effects of digital eye strain, from drinking more water and blinking more often, to giving your eyes a break by looking up from your screen regularly.

Screen time reports that are available on smart phones can also make it much easier to monitor the amount of time you’re spending on devices. They can provide really great insights such as the fluctuation of time spent on screens day to day as well as your average screen time per week.

The digital revolution is not just limited to smartphones. The use of digital devices has increased across a spectrum of platforms, including laptops, tablets, TV and gaming consoles. People have a higher tendency to view multiple devices at the same time with the majority of people now using their smart phones while watching TV.

Switching between devices and viewing them from different distances throughout the day results in our eyes continuously requiring multi-tasking and if you’re a glasses wearer, it places additional demand on your lenses. If you’re a fulltime glasses wearer using multifocal glasses and spend a lot of time on screens, it’s important that you have the right lenses for your lifestyle.

Specsavers SuperDigital lenses have been crafted with DigitalClear Technology to help you switch seamlessly between digital devices at different distances. They also incorporate PrecisionView Technology to provide dynamic vision.

Our SuperDigital lenses help reduce visual fatigue as well as neck and eye strain. They’re also easy to adapt to and actually help your natural reading on both digital devices and print media such as the newspaper.

Our new daily routines include a lot more screen time and we don’t see this changing for the foreseeable future, so it’s important that we’re looking after ourselves whilst we’re at it.

SuperDigital lenses are scratch-resistant, smudge resistant, reduce glare and are ideal for people using screens regularly.

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