Red or Dead

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Red or Dead's aim is simple - to create wearable, commercial design for work, rest and play. The daring British brand takes youthful values through life that contain subtle twists to empower the wearer to express their individuality. And nothing shouts this more than their designer frames.


You can get 2 pairs of Red or Dead glasses from just $199, including standard single vision lenses.


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Raed or Ded 93

Red or Dead 93

This Red or Dead frame has the winged appearance of the sexy secretary's styles of the 60s and 70s. The deep purple on the outside is complemented by a violet purple on the inside, which peeks through on the edges of the front of the frame. ref: 25655001

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Red or Dead 83

Red or Dead 83

This is a fantastic frame, the black and crystal front is really flattering to the face and the pins add a retro edge to the style. The arms are matted black with an interesting decorative detailing and branded logo that reflects Red or Dead's brandimage. ref: 25382433

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