Keeping an eye on the ball is easy work thanks to international basketball star, Devin Williams’ distinctive prescription goggles.

Renowned for his determination on the court, the 22-year- old power forward has played for the Milwaukee Bucks in Las Vegas, Melbourne United in Australia and most recently the Greensboro Swarm in the NBA Development League, USA.

Having worn glasses from the tender age of 10, Devin knows firsthand how important it is to have clear vision on the court.

Working with Specsavers and Melbourne’ A&D Sports Management, Devin and company directors Ahmed Acquah and Kweku Danquah felt it would be insightful for Devin to speak about his glasses and professional sports to a greater audience. Devin says, “My first memory of wearing glasses is from back in grade school gym class where I started to play basketball. Most of my classmates and coaches assumed that because I wore specs I lacked sporting ability which really frustrated me. I used this to my advantage and instead of letting it get me down, it fuelled me to focus on my game and to win the respect of my peers and coaches on the court.”

As well as being a source of inspiration, Devin has used his eye-catching specs style to capture the imagination of sports fans world-wide.

“I like wearing goggles on the court because they allow me to focus on the ball so I can play my best every game. I see my goggles as a way of separating myself from the ‘crowd’ and an opportunity to express my style and individuality on the court. I am proud of wearing specs and want to inspire younger glasses wearers to have the confidence to go out there and pursue their sporting ambitions,” says Devin.

Specsavers Chadstone Retail Director and Co-owner, Shane Hogan says, “Myself and the Specsavers team were delighted to meet A&D Sports Management and Devin to fit him with some new frames. Devin is an inspiration in sport and is a fantastic role model for young glasses wearers. His athletic ability, passion for the game and spec-tacular style proves that glasses don’t have to be a barrier in the sport. They can be an advantage! We wish him the very best of luck for next season.”