A long-standing passion for helping people has led John Pachiyannis to become the first business owner of Specsavers Audiology in the Frankston area which opens to customers this week offering hearing care and hearing aids. 

“Seeing the tears of joy in my patient’s eyes when they come to the realisation of what they've been missing is what I love most about my job,” says John. 

“It was my wife who first sparked my interest in a career in audiology. She was working as a practice manager in an audiology clinic and would often come home and tell me about what a difference hearing well could make to a patient’s quality of life. 

“In my personal experience, I have seen so many cases where a person’s hearing loss can affect their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Often people unconsciously start to avoid social situations as they feel embarrassed that they can’t hear properly, this leads to a loss of self-confidence.” 

The opening of Audiology at Specsavers Frankston is revolutionising the audiology industry for local customers, offering hearing aids and care at prices never seen before.

With thirteen years of experience as an audiology professional, John says he is most looking forward to providing local Frankston residents with the latest hearing aid technology at a great low price. 

“At the moment it takes most Australians 7-10 years to acknowledge they have hearing loss before they do anything to help it – if they do anything at all. We’re encouraging locals to get their hearing checked regularly as wearing hearing aids can actually slow the decline of hearing loss over the long term,” explains John.

John is encouraging all locals who might have concerns about their hearing, to book a free 15-minute hearing check. 

“One in six Australians experience hearing loss, yet only one in three does anything about it*. On top of this, new Specsavers research** has shown that over half of Australians (57%), 18 years and over, have experienced moments where they felt concerned about their hearing.

Specsavers’ Executive Director of Audiology, Darrel Magna says the new offering is giving Australians a more accessible solution to hearing loss by providing the clear, low prices and expert service that the Specsavers brand has become well-known for.

“By offering audiology to our customers, we’re hoping to normalise hearing tests and assist hearing loss earlier before it affects a person’s life. All customers at our Specsavers Frankston store will now have a free five-minute hearing screen included as part of their overall health test in store. We don’t want Australians to have to wait 7-10 years to do something about their hearing challenges, especially if it means they can’t live their lives to the full,” he said.

If you feel like your hearing isn’t as good as it should be Specsavers Frankston are taking bookings for free 15-minute hearing checks from today. If further testing is required, comprehensive hearing assessments are being offered for $49. If you require hearing assistance as a result, Specsavers has a range of hearing aids designed and built by leading manufacturers, which feature cutting-edge innovations in hearing assistance. A pair of hearing aids at Specsavers starts at $1495.

Specsavers Audiology is accredited as a qualified hearing service provider by the Australian Government Hearing Services Program, which provides eligible people with access to hearing services such as hearing assessments, subsidised hearing aids and aftercare services. If you think you might be eligible, you can apply for the Australian Government Hearing Services Program online or via post.