Tom Pinhorn and Courtney Gray, of Specsavers Highpoint were spinning around after winning the prize of a lifetime - to meet and personally interview pop sensation Kylie Minogue on behalf of Specsavers!

Kylie Minogue was in Australia to unveil her first ever eyewear collection, Kylie Minogue Eyewear, exclusive to Specsavers, at a VIP, invite only event.

As part of their prize, Tom and Courtney were flown to Sydney to attend the event as the official Specsavers interviewers. They had the chance to sit down with Kylie and ask her five questions, following the unveiling of the collection during a fashion show.

Tom said the hardest part was getting over his nerves and deciding what to ask the pop princess.

Beating dozens of other Specsavers staff entries from across Australia, the duo submitted a unique video featuring their own rendition of Kylie’s popular song ‘It’s in your eyes’. The Kylie super-fans set the bar high with their standout entry, showing passion and enthusiasm, which sealed the decision for judges.

Heather Murphy, Specsavers Public Relations Manager and one of the judges of the competition says, “We were really impressed by Tom and Courtney’s creative entry. Their love for Kylie made them clear winners. I hope they enjoyed their well-deserved prize!”

Here are the questions that Tom and Courtney exclusively asked Kylie:

(CG) Question: You’ve had an amazing career and travelled so much. Where is your favourite place in the world and where do you recommend people try and get to if they had the chance?

KM: Well definitely Paris, but one of my favourite places is outback Australia, I would love to do that again! I’ve also driven across America which was amazing - a good thing to tick off your bucket list. I did it before we all had mobile phones, so we relied on maps and Lonely Planet guides to get around. It was a great adventure.

(TP) Question: Specsavers is well known for doing a lot of charity work, particularly with The Fred Hollows Foundation. You of course are well known for doing incredible charity work and being an advocate for breast cancer, Children in Need and the Elton John AIDS Foundation. How important do you think it is to use your fame and celebrity status to support a positive change? Which cause is the most significant for you?

KM: They all are, I mean obviously, cancer research is the one that is the most personal cause but I was supporting those causes long before cancer was a part of my life story. I think most people in my position would do whatever they can to make a change. For me, the problem is not being able to do as much as I’d like to.

(CG) Question: Being such an icon in the gay community, do you have anything you’d like to say to the LGBTQIA community?

KM: Just that you have my support as always. It’s never been a question to me. I’ve been in makeup chairs since I was 11 years old and trust me, you don’t work in TV without growing up around gay people! The community has always been very supportive of me and the feeling is mutual. As I like to say, I’m all about sharing the love! It is that simple in the end. That’s why it’s so strange to me that we are still having the conversation about equality.

(TP) Question: Which frames from your collection would you choose for us?

Tom and Courtney were then frame styled by Kylie Minogue. She chose the following frames from her collection to compliment the duo’s face shapes, colouring and style  -

Tom Pinhorn: KYLIE 16

Courtney Gray: KYLIE 12