Specsavers Sunbury is encouraging the community to prioritise health and proactively schedule necessary health checks, including an eye test, as part of a ‘health warrant of fitness’.

A recent survey commissioned by Specsavers has revealed that despite almost nine in ten Australians 35 years and older rating sight as the most important sense, just 64% have their eyes tested every two years or more often.

“It’s concerning that so many Australians do not seem to be aware of the importance of eye health and it could also indicate they’re not being proactive about their health in general,” says Brendan Myers, Specsavers Sunbury’s optometrist and owner.

“It’s essential to have your eyes tested every two years to track any changes in eye health that may be occurring, even if you aren’t concerned about any changes in vision or don’t wear glasses. A Specsavers comprehensive eye test is bulk-billed and includes free Digital Retinal Photography. It can provide insight into other health issues including blood pressure and diabetes on top of sight-related conditions,” adds Brendan.

Brendan suggests that along with an eye test, a full medical from your GP and a visit to the dentist should be top three on the proactive health checklist. Proactively booking health checks could help to reduce considerable time, cost, stress and pain.

“Many residents of Sunbury have increasingly busy lives and often wait until significant symptoms before consulting a medical provider. I have seen this on many occasions with my own customers. You get a regular warrant of fitness for your car, so why not for your body too?

“It can be hard to find time to make appointments but don’t let your health take a back seat, it’s something that needs to be taken seriously,” says Brendan.

Book an eye test at Specsavers Sunbury as part of your health warrant of fitness. Book online at www.specsavers.com.au/sunbury, call 03 9740 6584 or visit the store at 70 - 72 Evans St to find a time that suits you.