How To Buy Contact Lenses?

How to buy contact lenses

You may already be a seasoned pro at buying contact lenses, but if you’re new to them the information on this page will give you advice on how to try or buy contact lenses for the first time.

How to read your prescription

What do the numbers and words actually mean on your prescription?



ADD+1.50Add TypeMED


ADD+1.50Add TypeMED


As your eyes mature you will likely need some help with close work like reading. This change is natural and can be corrected by incorporating an ‘add’ (some + plus power) to your contact lenses, these contact lenses are called ‘multifocals’. Some lenses will record the ‘add’ as a number such as +1.50, others use an add type such as Low, Medium or High, or Distance (D) or Near (N). Some multifocal contact lenses don’t need an add or add type, that’s normal and you won't be asked for it when ordering.

DOs & DON’Ts of buying online

We've all been there, found a great deal online only to have a different product arrive and no customer service to help. At Specsavers we like to do things a little different and offer a great online service supported by our friendly Australian call center and over 350 high street stores for when only talking to a person will do.

When buying contact lenses online use the following advice to make the process a bit smoother:


If you currently use a specific brand, you should stick to it. You should only ever change the lens you use based on advice from your optometrist.


We don’t recommend that you buy your contact lenses from ‘just anywhere’. Look out for a well-known supplier you’re familiar with, and read a few brand reviews before you buy anything.

Make sure you have the following lens information:
  • The brand
  • Name of the lens
  • Power
  • Cylinder (if any)
  • Sphere
  • Axis (if any)
  • Base curve
  • Power
  • Diameter
  • Peripheral curves (if any)

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