Hearing Aid Accessories

Audiology Accessories

Mobile Phone Streamer:

To hear mobile phone calls clearly in both ears even when in background noise. Stream music, audio books and podcasts directly into your hearing aids without the need for headphones or earbuds.

Price: $300

Remote control:

To easily adjust and control the settings in your hearing aids. Turn the volume up and down with the push of a button, change hearing aid listening programs easily and discreetly to get the most from every listening situation.

Price: $150

Remote microphone:

To hear the speaker at a lecture/seminar/place of worship over distance clearly directly into your hearing aids. To hear one-on-one conversation easily and clearly when in background noise such as a car, shopping centre, restaurants and cafes.

Price: $300


Easily hear the phone ring and hear conversations over the phone clearly without asking for repeats. Cordless and easy to use for those with and without hearing aids.

Price: $400

TV & mobile phone streamer:

To hear the television clearly and at a normal volume for others. To hear mobile phone conversation clearly in both ears.

Stereo sound streaming directly into your hearing aids providing clear and natural sound allowing you to hear your favourite television shows and mobile phone calls without struggling to understand the conversation.

Price: $600

Clip on mobile phone streamer:

To hear phone calls clearly and easily even when in background noise. The clip discreetly attaches onto clothing for hands free mobile phone connectivity.

Price: $325