To maximise your hearing ability in all situations your Specsavers Audiology professional may recommend accessories for particularly difficult listening situations to complement your hearing aids.

The type of accessory suitable for you will depend on the hearing aids you have chosen.

The most common situations where accessories can be of particular help can be to hear the television clearly and at the same volume as others, to hear conversation on a mobile phone clearly and to hear the speaker at a lecture.

TV streamer

To hear the television clearly and at a normal volume for others. Stereo sound streams directly into your hearing aids providing clear and natural sound allowing you to hear your favourite television shows with ease.

Remote control

To easily adjust and control the settings in your hearing aids. Turn the volume up and down with the push of a button, change hearing aid listening programs discreetly by carrying this remote control on a keyring.

Remote microphone

To hear a speaker at a lecture, seminar or place of worship who is at a distance directly into your hearing aids. To hear one-on-one conversation easily and clearly when in background noise such as a car, shopping centre, restaurants and cafes.