What can I receive?

HSP services available to eligible Specsavers customers include:

  • Quality, fully subsidised hearing aids with the option to contribute to upgraded hearing technology
  • Hearing Aid batteries and repairs, with no additional customer contribution or annual fee required
  • Advice on getting maximum benefit from your hearing aids
  • Further support and hearing services

To check if you’re eligible, visit the Australian Government Hearing Services Program or book a free 15-minute hearing check with an audiology professional at your local Specsavers Audiology store.

You can apply for the HSP online, by post or in store with your audiology provider.

  1. Apply instore by booking an appointment with your local Specsavers Audiology professional.
  2. You can apply online now or download the form . To request a form via post, call 1800 500 726. In most cases after applying, you’ll be advised if you’re eligible for the program.
  3. If you have applied online or via post, read the HSP welcome pack you’ll receive and contact us to arrange an appointment. If you supplied details for an alternate contact in your application, such as a family member or carer, they’ll also receive a copy of the welcome pack.

If you’re part of the HSP with another provider, you can move your hearing care to Specsavers Audiology at any time. This means we’ll be your sole provider of hearing aid batteries, repairs and support.

Just book an appointment with your local Specsavers Audiology professional, and we’ll transfer you over with a simple form.

When you’re ready for new hearing aids, our experts will help you find a style to suit your needs and lifestyle. You’ll always get a choice of products with an option to upgrade the technology, at everyday low prices.

Learn more about Specsavers Audiology, or come in store to speak to an audiology professional.

Conditions apply under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program

Specsavers is a Contracted Service Provider and Appointed Supplier of devices under the Hearing Services Program (HSP). Specsavers’ audiology professionals will always provide you with a choice of hearing devices to meet your individual circumstances, selected from a range that includes an exclusive line of Specsavers devices, as well as branded devices. Neither Specsavers, nor our audiology professionals, receive any direct or indirect benefits (financial or otherwise) related to the purchase of devices from any supplier.