Which Contact Lenses Suit Your Lifestyle?

Benefits of contact lenses

Wider field of vision

A contact lens sits directly on the surface of the eye, so wherever you look your entire field of vision stays in full focus, without the distortion, interference, or reflections you can sometimes experience when wearing glasses.

Don't get fogged up

Different weather or temperatures also won’t bother you with contact lenses. You don’t have any rain splashes or get any annoying steam-ups while you’re cooking or coming inside from the cold. Your vision stays clear

A different look

As well as the practical benefits, contact lenses are great for those times when you don’t want your eyes to be hidden. If you’re dressing up for an event, or just going for a different look you have the freedom to do so, without glasses getting in the way.


Contact lenses for sports

Swimming with lenses

Travelling with lenses

Using computer screens

Wearing make-up