Your Contact Lens Store Visit

Your contact lens store visit

A contact lens appointment is slightly different to your usual eye test but just as important, especially if you’re just getting started with contact lenses. Here’s what will usually happen when you come in for a contact lens assessment.

Try contact lenses free

We’re confident that you’ll enjoy wearing contact lenses, but we want you to be sure too. That’s why we allow you to try before you buy. So once you’ve had your assessment and have decided on which lens is right for you, we’ll give you one pair of monthly contact lenses or five pairs of daily disposable contact lenses to try, free. It’s just another way of ensuring that you and your lenses are perfectly matched.

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Need an eye test?

To get the most out of your contact lens appointment you’ll need to have had an eye test within the last two years. That way we can ensure you’re getting the most out of your contact lenses.

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