How To Buy Contact Lenses Online

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How to buy your contact lenses online

Step 1

Find your most recent contact lens prescription

You need to have a test specifically for contacts as the prescription will normally be slightly different to your glasses and the optometrist can help you pick the perfect lens type for your needs. Specsavers requires your prescription to be valid and up to date.

If you've not worn contacts before or its been a while since you last wore them don't worry, its free to try contact lenses at Specsavers, just book an appointment

How to read your prescription

What do the numbers and words actually mean on your prescription?



14.2 -3.25 -0.75 180
ADD +1.50 Add Type MED


-14.2 -3.25 -0.75 180
ADD +1.50 Add Type MED

ADD - As your eyes mature you will likely need some help with close work like reading. This change is natural and can be corrected by incorporating an ‘add’ (some + plus power) to your contact lenses, these contact lenses are called ‘multifocals’. Some lenses will record the ‘add’ as a number such as +1.50, others use an add type such as Low, Medium or High, or Distance (D) or Near (N). Some multifocal contact lenses don’t need an add or add type, that’s normal and you won't be asked for it when ordering.

Step 2

Find your lens

We sell over 40 different types of contact lenses online including lenses for astigmatism and multifocal lenses so you should be able to find your lens.
If not though don’t worry just chat to our friendly customer service team who will be able to help.

Contact lenses - step 2
Step 3

Select your prescription

Once you’ve found your product we need to know your prescription. You will find this written on your prescription from your optometrist or on the box they supplied to you. Ensure you have the reading for both eyes and pick the right numbers from the drop down boxes.

Contact lenses - step 3
Step 4

Review your order

You’ll get the chance to check everything is correct and select easypay to automatically resend your lenses in future. If everything is OK
head to the checkout, let us know where to send the lenses, complete payment and you’re done.

Plus if you have private health insurance with optical cover, you may be eligible for a rebate.
Most health funds have a handy portal to claim online. Make sure you read the details in the confirmation email that provides everything you need to claim