Diabetes is the leading cause of vision loss in working age Australians. But it shouldn’t be. Almost all vision loss from diabetes is preventable with a regular eye health check. Plus, eye health checks are bulk billed to Medicare*, so book an eye health check today.

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Why do some people lose their sight from diabetes?

Up to 98% of vision loss from diabetes is preventable if detected and treated early enough.

But at the moment around 50% of people with diabetes – 630,000 people – aren’t getting their recommended eye examinations.

Who is involved?

The Australian Government is funding the initiative, with an initial grant of $1 million to Diabetes Australia for one year. Additionally, Specsavers has committed a grant of $1 million a year for five years.

Partners include Diabetes Australia, Vision 2020 Australia, Oculo and Bayer. Other eye and diabetes sector partners are being encouraged to get involved.

What can we do?

Together we can dramatically reduce rates of diabetes-related vision loss and blindness across Australia.

Visit www.keepsight.org.au to register today

* Listed on a valid Medicare card without Optometry restrictions.