90% of vision loss in Australia can be prevented or treated if detected early, which is why at Specsavers we include an advanced 3D eye scan as part of every standard comprehensive eye test, at no extra charge. This helps our optometrists detect eye conditions earlier.

Most eye diseases and eye health problems don’t have visible symptoms until they are fairly advanced, which means that something can be going on with your eyes without you even knowing about it or experiencing any kind of change in your vision.

To ensure you get the best care possible, at Specsavers we include an advanced 3D eye scan (O.C.T) as part of every standard comprehensive eye test to help your optometrist detect eye conditions in their earliest stages so you can see better for longer.

O.C.T stands for Optical Coherence Tomography, which is a piece of diagnostic equipment that takes a series of advanced 3D scans of the back of the eye. These 3D scans of the optic nerve, retina and macula are highly detailed and allow your Specsavers optometrist to view the granular structures of your eye, allowing for a more advanced and accurate examination of your eye health.

The scans can reveal potential abnormalities and help our optomestrists to detect eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic eye disease in their earliest stages.

Having accurate scans of the back of your eye not only helps our optometrists develop a treatment plan tailored to your specific requirements, but it also allows them to monitor any changes in your eye health over time.

An O.C.T scan is very quick to perform and completely painless and non-invasive. It is conducted by a trained clinical assistant before you see the optometrist. It takes less than a minute and will produce both digital retinal photographs and 3D images of the back of your eye.

Results are provided to your optometrist instantaneously, who will review them and then show them to you and discuss the results with you during your consultation. It is a great way for you to gain a better understanding of your eye health.

We store the scans in your patient record so we can monitor any changes to your eye health over time by comparing your current scans with those from your previous eye tests.

There are many conditions of the eye which can be detected with the help of an O.C.T scan. Serious eye disease can develop as we age and are often not visible on the surface of the eye or exhibit physical symptoms. These include age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy, but O.C.T scans can also help your optometrist detect other eye health issues such as tumours.

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