Face shape

Face shape


Oval faces are evenly proportioned and softly rounded. If you've got an oval shaped face, almost all frame shapes will suit you; why not be adventurous and try some modern, angular styles?


Rectangular faces generally have a deeper forehead, longer nose or square jaw. If you've got a rectangular face shape, we recommend a frame with a strong brow line to make your face appear wider. Avoid shallow frames that will lengthen its appearance.


Round faces tend to be fairly short with wider forehead, full cheeks and a rounded chin. If you've got a round shaped face, consider angular styles as they draw attention to the top half of the face, and avoid oval or round shaped frames.


If your face width and length are proportionate and you've got a broad forehead and a strong jaw, you're probably in this category. For this face shape consider oval or round frames as they soften the jawline. Avoid angular frames as these will emphasise your angular facial features.