Specialist glasses lenses

Our enhanced range of multifocal lenses give a clear, lifestyle-focused solution to all multifocal wearers.

Multifocal lenses allow you to see at any distance, because they have different sections for viewing close up, far away and everything in between. But which multifocals are right for you? At Specsavers we have multifocals to suit your lifestyle.


multifocals designed for digital devices

SuperDigital is our most advanced all-day multifocal lens. A truly revolutionary new lens, designed with today’s visual multitasking demands in mind, suited to those with a digital lifestyle who spend a lot of time using digital devices.

SuperDigital’s near vision zone is designed to cater for the closer, higher position we hold our phones. SuperDigital includes our UltraClear SuperClean treatment to help reduce screen reflections.


multifocals designed for driving

Our new SuperDrive multifocal lens is specially adapted for driving. It has a super wide distance and middle-distance zone, designed to give you a wide view of what’s ahead of you, as well as your dashboard and rear vision mirrors. SuperDrive lenses include a unique night vision zone which will help ensure your vision is as clear and comfortable when driving at night, as it is during the day.

The lens also comes with our UltraClear SuperClean Smart treatment as standard, helping to reduce reflections and dazzle caused by headlights and street lighting.


multifocals designed for close-up work

A versatile new lens design and a great choice if close-up tasks are a regular part of your work or lifestyle. They can be selected to match your personal intermediate visual requirements (1, 2 or 3 meters) and are an excellent second pair for the SuperDigital design.

Customer guarantee

multifocal satisfaction guarantee

Multifocal glasses give you clear vision at all distances, with no tell-tale lines, but because we understand that some people take a bit of time to get used to them, we’re giving you an additional guarantee.

If you can’t get on with them, bring them back within three months of the date of collecting your glasses, and you can exchange them for either a pair of bifocals or two pairs of single‑vision glasses (one for reading and one for distance). We’ll refund any price difference.

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