Multifocal lenses

Questions and answers

What are multifocals?
Multifocals are lenses with no visible line that are used to correct distance vision, at arms length and close-up viewing.

Are multifocals expensive?
At Specsavers, we pride ourselves on our competitive prices. For multifocals we offer different categories of multifocals to suit any budget. See our Clear Price guide.

How do I know which multifocals are right for me?
Our experienced dispensing staff will be able to guide you in your choice and will base the recommendations on your lifestyle and usage of your glasses. Just ask in store for further details. Book an appointment online now.

Can I select any frame when choosing multifocals?
Specially trained dispensing staff will be able to guide you on frame styles and sizes suitable for your preferred varifocal type. At Specsavers we have an extensive range of frames suitable for multifocal lenses, and if you opt for our Tailor-made range you can chose almost any frame style. View frames suitable for multifocals.

I have heard that multifocals are difficult to get used to, is this true?
People adapt to multifocals differently so one person's experience may be very different from someone else. We will guide you in how to use your multifocals and to get the best from them, which in turn helps with the adaptation process. Also, we utilise the latest lens technologies to ensure that we offer the most up-to-date multifocal lenses - these are much easier to adapt to than some of the older designs from several years ago. Speak to your local store about multifocals.