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Can I use eye drops while wearing contact lenses?


Modern contact lenses are designed to be comfortable and easy to wear, but many people still face some issues with feelings of dryness on the eyes as they wear them. If your contact lenses are making your eyes feel drier than usual, you can alleviate the symptoms by applying certain types of eye drops.

Making sure your lenses have enough lubrication is a crucial part of wearing your contact lenses safely and comfortably. Before applying your contact lenses, it's important to clean them with the right solution so they are moist enough to insert easily onto your eyeball.However, during the day it's not uncommon for contact wearers to feel their lenses are getting more dry. When this happens, make sure you have eye drops suitable for contact lenses on hand. These are often called 're-wetting' drops and will state clearly on the label whether or not they are appropriate for use while wearing soft contact lenses. The purpose of these re-wetting drops is to provide extra lubrication for your eye and hydration for the lens, so you can feel more comfortable as you continue to wear your contact lenses. In this way, they act to soothe any irritation associated with the dryness. You can also ask your optometrist for professional recommendations during your check-ups and eye tests. Eye drops can be used regularly, whenever you feel that your lenses lack enough moisture or your eyes are getting too dry. Always follow the directions on the label for applying the eye drops, and be sure to ask your optometrist as well if you have any further questions.

There are other types of eye drops available, but it's best to select the products that have been formulated specifically for use with contact lenses. Without the right type of lubricating eye drops, your contact lenses could become damaged or clouded, impeding your vision and potentially causing problems for your eyes later on.