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Can you get contact lenses for extremely large eyes?


Whether you are a long-time glasses wearer who would like to make the switch to contact lenses or you recently found out that you need corrective lenses and you are exploring your options, you might have some questions about whether contact lenses will be the right fit for your eyes. Fortunately, there are more sizes and types of contact lenses than ever before. This means that even if you have previously been told that you can't wear contact lenses, it could be time to pay another visit to your optometrist - you might be surprised at the range of options on offer!

If you have extremely large eyes or you have previously been told your eyes are 'hard to fit', all this means is that you might have to consider very specific options in terms of contact lenses. Your optometrist can guide you through the corrective lenses that are likely to work best for you. Your choices might include gas permeable lenses - which are designed to retain their own shape on the eye, rather than adjust to the shape of the cornea underneath - or hybrid contact lenses designed with a wider diameter than traditional soft contact lenses. 

However, don't disregard soft contact lenses altogether. Some manufacturers offer custom contact lenses that can be designed with a range of eye sizes and shapes in mind.If you have astigmatism, there are also specialty contact lenses that may work for your eyes. These are referred to as toric contact lenses, and your optometrist may have you try a few different styles and brands to find the pair that is a perfect fit for you.Because your eyes are so individual, it is important to speak directly to your optometrist about your options. They will be able to guide you to brands and styles of contact lenses that work best for your eye size and shape, and may even give you a few options to try out so that you know what feels comfortable.