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Does having tinnitus mean I am going deaf?


Although tinnitus can be a symptom of hearing loss, many people with tinnitus have normal hearing, just as many people with hearing loss don't have tinnitus.

Unfortunately, there is currently no drug that can make tinnitus go away, but there are lots of ways you can manage it.

The first step is to see your GP or audiologist.

Visiting a specialist is crucial because your tinnitus may be caused by a condition that can be treated, such as an infection or excess earwax.

There are now many hearing aids on the market that have an inbuilt 'tinnitus programmes' designed to help those people with severe or distressing tinnitus.

For the thousands of people who suffer from a mild form of tinnitus (alongside some hearing loss), hearing aids themselves provide a great deal of benefit in distracting the brain away from the tinnitus sounds. However, those with more severe tinnitus need extra help and the tinnitus programme function built into some hearing aids has proven very effective for many people in this situation.