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Eyesight in bright lights


Exposing your eyes to bright lights can be problematic as they can cause damage to your retina. However, if you find yourself struggling with bright light you may have a condition called photophobia or light sensivity. This can happen for a number of reasons.

How do migraines affect the eyes?

Many migraineurs suffer from photophobia and actively avoid light. This symptom is accompanied by a severe headache and sometimes nausea or vomiting. Others may experience aura or flashing lights in their vision. If you have a migraine you will want to rest in a dark room. You should consult your doctor if your require pain medication.

What other eye conditions can cause photophobia?

If you have an abrasion or injury on your cornea, you may find it hard to see in bright lights. This could be caused when sand, dirt or other particles get into your eye. Sometimes, corneal abrasions become infected. These are called corneal ulcers, and it is essential to visit your optometrist for treatment if you are affected. Another cause of photophobia could be conjunctivitis, or pink eye. This occurs when the white part of your eye - the sclera - becomes inflamed or infected. You may also experience itching and eye pain as well as photophobia and redness.

Dry eye symptom is another condition that can lead to photophobia. This occurs when the tear ducts do not make enough tears and your eyes become dry, sore and itchy. If you are struggling to see under bright lights, you should visit your optometrist to determine the cause of your problems and to check your eyes are healthy.

Will bright lights in the office affect your eyesight?

While bright lights will not affect your vision, they can cause you to have tired eyes, or give you a headache.If you are at all concerned about your eyesight, however, it is best to visit a doctor.

Can tinted glasses help with macular degeneration?

If you have macular degeneration you may struggle to see things in bright light, or you may avoid going out in bright lights. Tinted glasses are a great solution to this problem - make sure you talk with your optometrist to see if this could be a solution for you. Otherwise, sunglasses can be worn outside to protect your eyes.

Why can I see haloes and flares from bright lights?

If you see haloes around lights, there is nothing to worry about as this can be a normal occurrence for many. They may be worse if you are looking through glass or if your eye is dry. In this case, lubricating drops could help or you could look into getting glasses with an anti-reflection coating if you don't have them already.

Why can I see bright lights in my periphery?

If you can see lights in your side vision, there is nothing to worry about as this is a common condition.It is caused by the pulling of the vitreous gel on the retina. It is best to get this checked by an optometrist, however, as a pulling can lead to a retinal tear, which is a serious condition.