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How can I go swimming with glasses?


Those keen on watersports who wear or need prescription lenses will be very familiar with the issue of enjoying time in the water while still being able to see clearly. While glasses are not an option in a pool or at the beach, and many will be fearful of wearing contact lenses as they can cause infection or be lost in the water, there is an alternative that can allow you to enjoy your favourite sports and still see clearly.

The solution comes in the form of prescription goggles. For most people, a ready-made pair of goggles will be enough to correct vision for watersports. They come in a range of varying strengths, known as diopters or step diopters. Most of these are negative diopters, which are made for myopic vision, or shortsightedness.

These prefabricated goggles are much like prescription glasses you would find in a chemist whereby they may not match your prescription perfectly, but can improve vision to a standard that allows you to wear them when you need to. As most people won't need a perfectly matched prescription for watersports and because there is a fair range of options in this form, this option will suit the majority of people.

If your vision needs more than a basic prescription or you require a perfect match to see in water, you have the option of custom made goggles. Just like your normal prescription glasses, these will be made especially for your eyes. This option will usually be used by those with a prescription of over -8.00, or an astigmatism over -1.00.

The best solution will depend on your intended use of the goggles, your specific prescription and your budget, so it's best to speak with your optometrist about which option is best for you.