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How do I change from single vision to progressives or vice versa?


As with any new prescription or change to your eyewear, switching from single vision glasses to Progressives, or vice versa, may take some adjusting. Having single vision glasses means the lenses offer just one focus for the eyes. This can be for long distances correction, for close-up reading, or for mid-range sight correction, such as for computer use.

Progressive lenses, on the other hand, offer a range of vision correction within the same lens. Due to changes in the eyes, which often come with age, you may need to move from one form of prescription to another.

This difference may seem strange at first, but the change will simply take some time to become used to. One tip to help getting accustomed to Progressive lenses is to make a conscious effort to move your head instead of only moving your eyes. The dispensing staff will explain this all thoroughly and in most cases, simply wearing the new glasses throughout the day for a week or so will quickly have you adjusting to the new eyewear.

Some people who transition back to single vision glasses after a time of wearing bifocals or progressive lenses may find it frustrating not to have the flexibility those lenses offer. In that case, it may be worth speaking with your optometrist about reverting back to your old glasses.