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Is there a limit to how powerful you can make a contact lens prescription?


If you regularly wear glasses, you might wonder whether or not you can make the switch to contact lenses. Some people prefer being able to wear contact lenses so they can participate in sports or activities, while others enjoy the freedom to choose between glasses and contact lenses as a fashion statement. But if you have a particularly strong prescription for eyeglasses, you are probably curious whether you can wear contact lenses at all. The good news is that advances in contact lens technology means that more people can wear them than ever before.

This means that if you have previously been told, you could not wear contact lenses due to the size or shape of your eyes, or the strength of your prescription, you may want to visit your optometrist to discuss your options again. It is important to bring your eyeglasses prescription with you or make sure that your optometrist has it on file. This will give you a starting point for your discussion about whether or not contact lenses are a suitable option for you.

In general, you will be pleased to know that contact lenses can be made in many different strengths and that there are many lens options to choose from, including daily and monthly disposable soft contact lenses, as well as twice monthly lenses.However, you may find that additional restrictions apply in terms of prescription strength or lens size if you choose tinted or coloured lenses. Because everyone's eyes are different, your best course of action is to speak to your optometrist. Together, you can assess your needs and lifestyle to determine which type of corrective lenses will work best for you.