Help and frequently asked questions

What are the main concerns for people who wear contact lenses?


Contact lenses are a great way to deal with eyesight problems. A contact lens prescription will help you to see more clearly and are an ideal option for those who don't want to wear glasses. Starting to wear contact lenses can come with some common concerns however. 

Can contact lenses get lost in your eyes?

Due to the structure of the eye, it is actually impossible for a contact lens to move behind the eye. While it is fairly common for a contact lens to move slightly out of place from its normal position and slide under the eyelid, you will easily be able to move it back into position. There is a technique your optometrist will teach you when you first collect your contact lenses. There are folds within the inner surface of the eye, called the conjunctiva, which ensures there are no gaps around the eyeball, meaning no foreign body such as a contact lens or even dust can get behind the eye. If you can no longer feel your contact lens in your eye, it's much more likely that it has simply fallen out. 

How safe are continuous wear contact lenses?

Continuous, or extended wear contact lenses, are designed to be worn for longer periods of time than your usual set of lenses. This will depend on the lenses, but they can range from a period of six nights to up to 30 days. Continuous wear contact lenses are usually soft lenses made from flexible plastics that allow oxygen to pass through the cornea. While you can wear a pair of continuous lenses for a long time, it's still important to remember that it can increase the risk of eye infections if you do not clean them regularly and correctly. Because of this, you'll need to ensure you follow the instructions from your optometrist on proper care. In most cases, this will include a cleaning routine once per week using an approved lens solution. You may also be advised to give your eyes a rest one night per week from wearing the lenses. 

Can my contact lenses break in my eyes?

If you hear of a contact lens 'breaking' during wear, it usually means that the material has torn or ripped. It is rare for a contact lens to tear on the eye. A fault in the lens can lead to this tearing during wear, although the most common cause is the lens getting stuck on the foil when you pull it off, leading to tears. If this happens, the worst case scenario is that a piece of the lens could get could underneath the top eyelid, in which case you will be able to manipulate the piece out or use a rinsing solution to wash it free. 

Do contact lenses hurt?

Contact lenses are designed specifically for easy wear and comfort, and they should not hurt your eyes at all. Applying your lenses for the first few times may feel strange because you have to touch your eyes, but you will quickly become used to the sensation when you learn that it doesn't hurt at all. It will become part of your daily routine. The only times a contact lens may cause discomfort is either when you first start wearing them and your eyes become accustomed to the vision correction, or if dirt or dust gets trapped behind the eye causing an infection. This can be uncomfortable and will require a more stringent approach to cleaning and lens care.