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Why do I feel dizzy?


Dizziness is a normal feeling that you get when your brain receives conflicting messages from your inner ears or from your eyes. You can feel dizzy for many different reasons and in many ordinary situations. For example:

- If you move your head suddenly, you may feel dizzy

- You might feel dizzy if you've drunk too much alcohol

- Fairground rides often make people feel dizzy, as do many kinds of travel

- If you are very dizzy, you may feel sick or actually be sick because your balance organs are stimulated - for example, if you are on a boat when the sea is rough

These are day-to-day reasons for feeling dizzy and people are not usually worried about them, even if they find them unpleasant. The effects are usually temporary and the symptoms disappear when your balance system is given a chance to settle down.

At first, many people with balance symptoms are worried that they may be suffering from a serious illness, such as a stroke or a brain tumour. Fortunately, this is very unlikely, although you should see a doctor if you are worried.

Many different medical conditions can give you symptoms of dizziness and unsteadiness, although the most common causes are problems with the inner ear.