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Brooke Blurton helps us close the gap on indigenous eye health

Involved within the local community as an Aboriginal Youth Worker and a glasses wearer from the young age of nine, we thought @brooke.blurton would be the perfect ambassador for our Fred Hollows limited edition frames, featuring the artwork of renowned Aboriginal artist and Gumatj leader, Peter Datjing Burarrwanga. 

Brooke has been helping us tell an important story around the eye health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Did you know that 94% of current vision loss experienced by Indigenous Australians is treatable or preventable, yet more than one third have never had an eye test?

That’s why we’re donating $25 from the sale of each limited-edition frame to The Fred Hollows Foundation, so it can continue to treat eye conditions for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia, with the aim to raise $125,000 through the initiative. 

Artwork by @brooke.blurton, Fred Hollows limited edition frames ambassador

The frames have a beautiful vision, the artwork featured on the limited edition frames was one of the first stories painted by Datjing after receiving sight restoring cataract surgery thanks to The Foundation.

Brooke’s grandfather was an optometrist, so she grew up knowing the importance of looking after her eye health. After hearing Datjing’s story and the message behind the project, Brooke jumped at the chance to help us support The Foundation’s work to Close the Gap in eye health for indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. 

“The story of Peter Datjing really encouraged me to get my eyes checked regularly as I am a part of a growing statistic, that Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People are 3 times more likely to suffer vision loss than non-indigenous Australians. 3 times!”

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