Matthew Keenan on his bike wearing JB SUN RX 07
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On Your Bike: Cycle in style with Jeff Banks sports frames

Made by a cyclist, for cyclists. Jeff Banks high performance prescription sunglasses are now available in store and riders can’t get enough of the comfort and wrap around protection these frames provide while out on the road. Jeff Banks has been riding bikes for 64 years and this paired with his 50 years of experience in the fashion industry makes for a winning combination.

We caught up with avid rider and Tour de France commentator, Matthew Keenan to hear what he had to say about the frames.

What’s the best part about cycling? 

Cycling has taken me to Europe racing, but some of my best moments on the bike have been riding through China with my wife (pre kids) or on a recent family holiday through the rice fields in Ubud, Bali. The bike is the best way to discover the world! 

Do you usually wear prescription glasses while out riding? 

These are the first prescription glasses I've ridden with. I've no idea why I waited so long!

What did you think of the frame?

I'm impressed by how comfortable and light they are and just as importantly for my fragile ego, they look good too. It's tough for a new product to compete with the big established brands, but this Jeff Banks' style blows that challenge out of the water. 

Did it enhance your performance? 

Wearing these prescription sunglasses, as opposed to not wearing any at all, gives me a lot more confidence in a group ride as I can clearly see potholes and debris on the road. 

 Matthew Keenan wearing JB SUN RX 07