Your Style

If you feel good, you look good too. #LoveGlasses winner announced!

You make your glasses, the glasses don’t make you! We’ve been celebrating the exceptional spec style of glasses wearers across Australia and New Zealand by asking you to share spec selfies on social media for a chance to win some great prizes. It’s all about style over fashion, because to us, #LoveGlasses is all about individual style preferences and self-expression.

After searching through hundreds of spectacular spec selfies, six lucky glasses wearers joined us for a VIP photoshoot and styling session with Alex Perry in Sydney, where Chantal Smith was announced as our #LoveGlasses winner for 2019.

As a 30-year-old, Chantal’s spec style is anything but subtle. Preferring a bold statement pair that embraces a modern chic look, Chantal knows how important it is to feel good in her frames.

“I remember when I first found out that I needed glasses, I was already in that awkward teenage stage of life and was given an awful pair of glasses that I dreaded wearing. I never felt like my true self in them.

After that pair, I went through a few years trying different shapes and colours to work out what suited me best. That’s when I found Specsavers, almost a decade ago now and they’ve changed my daily look and started my love of glasses. When found modern designs at prices I could afford, it was a game-changer.

Glasses have transformed from something medical I was embarrassed to wear, to something that I really love and can’t wait to put on as I genuinely feel they help express who I am. I wear a lot of bold coloured clothing and accessories and always feel that my glasses help to tie my entire look together. I know I can throw on a bold pair of frames and feel ready to face the day whilst looking stylish. They’re the ultimate fashion accessory that serves an important purpose – they help me to see!

I can’t wait to wear my new frames on my trip – I plan to go to Northern Ireland where I will get to see my best friend again after spending five years apart and hold my 10-month-old nephew for the very first time. I’ll be extra grateful for the clear vision from my glasses as I have no doubt my eyes will be welling up with happy tears!”

Chantal has now scored a trip overseas to the value of $5,000 plus $1,000 spending money to enjoy when she gets there.

Chantal also received a year’s supply of glasses to ensure her spec style can be matched to every outfit in her wardrobe and will become a new face of Specsavers for all glasses wearers to relate to.

Best yet, $1 for every spec selfie has been donated by Specsavers to The Fred Hollows Foundation, which works hard to restore sight to the needlessly blind.