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What’s hot this winter
Spec style with Sally Obermeder

Our style guru, @SallyObermeder shares some insights on what’s hot in eyewear this winter.

It’s all about colour and bold styles and Sally has selected some of the best of the best to help you express your specific style!

We have so many styles available in store to suit a range of tastes, face shapes and budgets – we know we can help you to find your new favourite pair and we hope you love these just as much as we do!

You know I love an acetate frame and this style is amazing!

These are fun and great for the weekend. I’m quite monochromatic when I’m just chilling on the weekend or out with the girls, so this pop of colour suits me. I can be in all white, or all black and these still bring some colour.

I adore Marc Jacobs too, so there is a lot to love with this frame!

I can’t get enough of the interesting pops of blue colour in the tortoiseshell of this frame. It’s a great way to up your spec style game!

This spec style adds the perfect amount of ‘cool’ to my office appropriate outfits. With a light shade of blue through the tortoiseshell, they tie in perfectly with any shade of blue top, or they provide that pop of colour if you’re like me and love a black wardrobe.


Now, these sunnies are a real statement piece!

The minute I saw these Alex Perry frames I felt like they were talking to me – they said pick me up and buy me! I love these. I know what works for my face and my style (heavy acetate) – and these are just so incredibly cool. 

These are perfect for when I’m wearing my favourite dress and sneakers. A seamless look to take me from afternoon drinks with my besties to dinner with the Marcus and the girls.

sally at park bench laughing

I love these frames for winter. The shape is so classic and adds a little something special to an outfit. 

I love to rock these Collette Dinnigan sunnies when I’m feeling extra glam and maybe even a little sassy!

In the cooler months I tend to look for pops of colour in my frames and as they add some vibrancy to what is sometimes a muted, heavier wardrobe (which I love!).