Your Style

Double up on style! Why you can never have enough pairs.

Discover the great benefits of having a second (or third, or fourth…) pair of glasses.   

Plus, get extra with your optical extras! Depending on what you choose, you could use your optical extras.  There’s no doubt you’ll have options to decide between & we’re here to show you – you don’t have to! 


Keep an extra pair handy 

It’s so easy to misplace glasses, but with multiple pairs you can keep one pair at home or at work; one pair in your golf bag or gym bag and even you driving pair in the car (just keep them out of the direct sunlight!)

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You can wear both colours 

Can’t decide on which colour will complement the different outfits in your wardrobe? Well, now there’s no need to choose. 

Being able to change up your look to suit your mood, personality or individual style is easy at Specsavers with a lot of your favorite frames coming in two colours.


Protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays 

It’s important to protect your eyes against the sun’s harmful UV rays, so why not choose prescription sunglasses as your second pair? 

Tried Polarised Lenses yet? These hi-tech lenses give superior vision in bright light, eliminate 99.9% of horizontal glare and filter 

100% UV light. Perfect if you’re spending time outdoors.


Change your look from day to night 

Whether you fancy dressing up for a night out, or simply want a different look for different days, a second pair ensures you’ll never get bored with wearing the same specs.

Why not explore an evening look and go for a glossy-finish premium acetate (think high-shine suit shoes) or a touch of bling with crystal features and eye-catching gold detail (for pure opulence). 


Be adventurous 

Who hasn’t ummed and ahhed about whether to buy those super trendy glasses, or those ‘I’m not quite sure they really suit me’ pair? Well, now is the chance to be brave and try something new. 

Elevate your personal style even further by mixing your materials – frames with elements of metal mixed with premium acetate can really make a style statement. 

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