Made for Living

Whatever your day brings, it’s good to know you can rely on your glasses. While you’re putting your frames through their paces, so are we. We test every new style to the highest standards; bending, heating, tumbling and twisting them until we’re sure they’re good to go.

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It’s not just your eyes we test. Your frames are tested too.

Our frames are tested for life’s little ups and downs

So they always look right and feel right

We bend and twist them

On, off, on, off. Your glasses go through a lot. We make sure hard-working hinges are hard-wearing, by rotating them 500 times and opening and closing them 15,000 times in our testing lab.

We heat them

Our frames won’t suffer when the going gets hot. 55˚C to be precise. We blast them with heat and bright light, like sunlight, to check arms won’t warp and colours don’t fade.

We drench them

Made for wearing, your glasses are perspiration-resistant. We spray them with salt solution too, to guard against signs of rust.

Tested by us, worn by you.

Made for Living View our range