Hear what you want to hear with Specsavers Advance hearing aid technology.

We understand how important it is to cut through the background blahs in noisy places so you can clearly hear the things you do want to hear. We also understand that the last thing you need is to pay more than you should for hearing aids.

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And it’s not just the ones that are good in crowds. At Specsavers you’ll find every style of hearing aid from rechargeable ones to battery ones, ones that can stream music or movies, ones that are good at home, ones that are good in the great outdoors, ones that fit in your ear, ones that fit over your ear.

And all at everyday low prices. So whatever your lifestyle, we have a hearing aid to suit you. And you won’t be charged extra for your preferred fitting or colour.

You’ll find Audiology Professionals in almost 300 stores across the country who promise nothing less than the transparent pricing and expert care you deserve. We are here to support you throughout your journey to better hearing.

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And because it’s Specsavers, each purchase comes with 12 months aftercare at no extra cost and a 90-day, no fuss returns policy. So to find out how you can cut through the blahs, book an appointment today.

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It’s high definition sound
at low Specsavers prices.

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If further testing is required, a fee may apply.