Conductive hearing loss

Hearing loss due to an issue in the ear canal, eardrum or middle ear.


Difficulty hearing is the most common symptom of conductive hearing loss. Other symptoms can also be detected, according to the various causes that may have brought it about.


Causes of conductive hearing loss can be an earwax blockage (impacted wax), ear infection, damage to the eardrum, fluid in the ear, glue ear,damage to the bones in the middle ear and/or a foreign body.


Conductive hearing loss is diagnosed during a hearing test. An audiology professional will perform an audiogram, perform a test called tympanometry and test how clearly you understand speech, to determine the level and type of your hearing loss.

Treatment and prevention

Treatment of conductive hearing loss will depend on the cause. For example, removing an earwax blockage may be all that is required. Treatment of other causes such as glue ear and damage to the middle ear bones may involve surgery.