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Contact lenses: Altering parameters


The term parameters refers to the way your contact lenses fit on your eye - the curvature, diameter and power of each lens. Because everyone's eyes are different, it is important to ensure that the contact lenses you wear are comfortable. If you are new to wearing contact lenses, this may mean that you need to try a few different brands or types to find the parameters that work best for you.

Ideally, your contact lenses should be so comfortable that you don't notice them at all when you are wearing them. However, the only way to know for sure is to actually try them out. Your optometrist may ask you to return for a follow-up visits after a couple of weeks to see how your lenses are fitting, and to make further adjustments when necessary. For example, you may need a more complex fit to address conditions like astigmatism, or you may need to switch to a different type of contact lens.It is also important to note that the parameters of your contact lenses can change over time.

This is why contact lenses need to be cared for correctly and replaced at regular intervals. Soft contact lenses come in daily, bi-weekly and monthly disposable varieties. The correct care can help extend the life of your contact lenses, maintain the parameters of your specific prescription and ensure you are seeing clearly. Replacing your lenses at the right interval will also maintain the health of your eyes and ensure that your lenses continue to fit comfortably. If you have any questions about the fit of your contact lenses, make an appointment to speak with your optometrist. You may find that another brand or type of lens is a more comfortable fit for you.