Help and frequently asked questions

Why can I see dots?


If you can see dots, specks, spots, threads or clumps in your vision, these might be eye floaters.

What are eye floaters?

These are specs of vitreous humour. This is a jelly-like substance in your eyeball. As you age, tiny clumps can form and these can cause a shadow to be cast on your retina. As a result, when you look at a light coloured area such as the sky or a white wall you may see these shapes.

What do eye floaters look like?

These come in many different shapes and sizes from small dots to threads or hairy clumps that look like cobwebs. Often they occur in the peripheral vision so you may not always notice them. However, they sometimes move into your central vision. They often move as your eyes move, but there may be a tiny delay, or lag.

How can you get rid of floaters?

Sometimes it is possible to swish the vitreous humour by looking up and down and side to side. This can move the floater out of the way.

Should I be worried about eye floaters?

For the most part, eye floaters are harmless. However, if you suddenly notice a rapid increase in floaters, it could indicate damage to the internal structures of the eye. This requires immediate attention from an optometrist. This is particularly important if they are accompanied by flashing lights or auras. This can indicate that your vitreous humour has detached from your retina or that your retinas themselves have detached.

What is migraine aura?

Some people who suffer from migraines may experience aura or dots in their vision. This can often precede or indicate that a migraine is coming on.These sometimes also form zig zag lines. You may also experience light sensitivity.You should visit your GP for a diagnosis of migraine and discuss which treatments will work best for you.