Help and frequently asked questions

Why do I have odd issues in a single eye?


Sometimes it is possible to only experience problems in one eye, while the other one remains normal. Here are some problems that may be limited to one eye.

Why does one eye feel like it is shrinking?

It is unlikely that one eye is actually shrinking, but if you are concerned about this, it is best to make an appointment with your optometrist. This is particularly important if you are having any problems with your vision, too.

Why aren't my eyes lining up?

If your eyes do not line up with each other, you may experience persistent double vision, where you see two versions of a single image. These may be overlapping or viewed next to each other. This is also known as diplopia and is a condition that requires immediate attention from an optometrist or doctor, as this could indicate a more serious underlying condition. Double vision occurs when your eyes do not work well together, so if you feel like one eye is taking longer to move and react than other, without double vision, it is best to get an eye test.

However, if you experience double vision and your vision changes, you feel a change in alertness, severe headache, sudden loss of co-ordination or numbness on the side of your body it is important to seek immediate medical care.Double vision can easily be treated using special glasses, eye exercises or even in some cases surgery to remove a cataract. Your optometrist will need to take a medical history and will need to carry out a complete eye examination.It may also be necessary to dilate your pupils in order to look for any abnormalities in the ocular and orbital regions. Double vision can affect one eye or both, so you will need to have the vision in both eyes tested to determine where the problem lies.

Why does one eye blink continuously?

If you do not experience any pain or problems with your vision but your eye continuously blinks it could be the result of a condition called blepharospasm. This can also result in involuntary twitching or closure of the eyelids. Dry eyes is another condition associated with blepharospasm. Severe cases can lead to legal blindness, but there are treatments available, such as botox injections and in some cases, surgery.If you are affected by this condition, it is important to seek help and individualised advice from your optometrist.

Why is there a gel like substance in the corner of my left eye?

This is most likely mucus, a substance produced by the eye to protect your cornea. If your eye is irritated, the more likely you are to produce this. Irritants could include dust, smoke or other allergens. If you have increasing problems with this issue, you could consider using lubricating eye drops before going to bed.

Why does my eye muscle feel tight when I look at things up close?

If you feel like your muscles are struggling when you look at things up close, there are two possible explanations. Firstly, this could be a simple muscle weakness,Alternatively, it could be the result of eyestrain due to long sightedness as your eyes work hard to see images up close. It is best that you have your eyes tested in order to determine whether your eyes are healthy and to check for any muscle imbalances.

Why can I feel a heartbeat in one eyeball?

If you think you can feel your heartbeat in one eyeball, it could be the pulse from the surrounding structures. However, if it continues, you should consult your optometrist.

Why does one eye turn in?

If one of your eye turns in more than the other, it could be the result of a muscle weakness or imbalance. If this is the case, you will need to see an optometrist who can determine why this is occurring and advise you on the appropriate treatment.

Why do my eyes not look the same?

If one of your eyes is protruding, it could be a sign of a thyroid problem, so it is best to visit your doctor as soon as possible. On the other hand, if one eyelid is dropping or is more closed than the other, it is probably linked to age and is nothing to worried about. If you are concerned, however, it is best to consult your doctor.

Why can't I blink in one eye after the dentist?

In rare cases, the injection to numb your gums at the dentist may affect the nerves of your eyelid. However, this is rare. You should regain function in your eyelid as soon as the anaesthetic wears off in an hour or two.If the problem persists, see your optometrist.

Why are there grey spots in my eyes in photos?

If you see grey spots in your eyes in photographs, this could be the result of a very common problem called nevi. This means there is an area of increased pigmentation. You may need to visit your optometrist for monitoring, but these do not usually cause many problems.