Frame features

360 flex hinges

Flexible hinges designed to pivot 360°, which allows frame sides to flex at any angle. This improved durability means they are ideal for people who regularly take their glasses on and off.

High prescription friendly frames

Specific frames in our range have a deeper rim, designed to hold high prescription lenses in place and disguise their thicker appearance.

Memory metal glasses

These cutting edge frames withstand being misshapen or bent. Their super flexible sides are made from a hi-tech metal for an ultra-modern, minimalist look.

Memory plastic glasses

Beta plastic frames can be twisted and contorted but spring right back into shape. Their flexible front is made from innovative plastic while the sides are crafted from hi-tech metal making them ultra-thin and lightweight.

Titanium glasses

Our titanium range features lightweight frames that provide comfortable wear all day and what's more, they're all hypoallergenic - perfect for those who are allergic to nickel.