How To Clean Hearing Aids

How to clean hearing aids

No matter what type of hearing aid you wear, it is important to clean them regularly to keep them free from wax so you can hear clearly. Follow the easy techniques outlined below that you can do at home when cleaning your RIC, ITE and BTE with ear moulds or thin tubes. If you would like some assistance our Audiology professionals are always here to help. Contact your local Specsavers Audiology store or book an appointment online.

How to dry hearing aids

Hearing aids are vulnerable to humidity and water and so it’s important to dry them regularly. Speak to your audiology professional about our drying kits and check out our handy tips below.

  • We recommend drying your hearing aids every day
  • Leave your hearing aid with the battery door wide open overnight. Always remove the battery and wipe with a clean dry cloth or tissue to remove any surface moisture
  • If your hearing aid does get wet from rain or the shower, remove the battery and leave to dry before replacing with a fresh battery. Never leave a wet battery in a hearing aid as it may leak and cause damage
  • Extreme heat is very bad for your hearing aids and so never put your hearing aids on top of a radiator or in an oven or microwave
  • Use a hearing aid drying kit to dry any moisture and water out of your hearing aid
  • Electronic hearing aid drying kits use UV light to dry hearing aids and eliminate bacteria. Speak to your audiology professional about purchasing one from Specsavers.

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